Christmas Ornaments

Susan Adamson and Marco Conelli adorn their tree each year with a fabulous collection of Wolfean-themed ornaments. Marco's are miniature replicas of the original hardbound Nero Wolfe books, created and presented to him by Nina Combs. Susan's are an eclectic collection of ornaments depicting key plot elements from various stories (champagne, trout, labrador...) and those many Wolfean "things" (orchids, beer, Huron sedan, etc.).

Susan writes, "This year we've found a box of vintage bottle caps and we're making a garland from them - we had been using a black and yellow intertwined ribbon garland. We also have a front door ornament, and have ordered a piece of one-way glass for it. The tree skirt is fabric with a crime scene tape motif."

Marco's Ornament
Marco's Ornament

Homage License Plates

Rebecca Stout's Nero Wolfe plate
Rebecca Stout's Nero Wolfe plate

LAKE WINNEPESAUKEE (Wolfeboro, NH)—A Mini-Gathering -- August, 2005



Guilford NH LibraryHere is an inspired display of information about Stout and Wolfe from the Gilford, NH, Public Library which ran during the month of February, 2004. The presentation was devised by Debby Montague.  At the Wolfe Pack picnic at Mr. Stout's estate, High Meadow (on 7/13/2003), Debby was the winner of the Best Wolfean Presentation Award.  Debby had a sealed box of Darst Sausages which hissed poison gas when opened. What a way to attract new fans to the corpus! This display included:

The shelf for "Wolfe On The Air" included:

the Season One DVD set, Scans of Wolfe on Italian TV, a poster for the 1937 movie of The League of Frightened Men, a photo of the 1980 and the 2001-2002 Nero Wolfe TV series, excerpts from reviews of the Season One DVDs, the Emmy Nominations, and VHS tapes of The Doorbell Rang and Death of A Doxy.

The display triggered articles about Nero Wolfe -- Stout's books, the TV series and even a mention of the Wolfe Pack -- in the Sunday New Hampshire Union Leader, which has a circulation of almost 85,000 as well as the local newspaper, the Weirs Times,

There was also a spin-off article in the local newspaper, which included some of the same information as the Union Leader, but focused on the Hallmark Channel as a 'where do fans go from here' angle. The Weirs Times is distributed on a complimentary basis throughout the Lakes Region of NH. (It's everywhere -- supermarkets, hotels, etc.) Circulation is about 30,000. Their article included three pictures -- one from the 2002 Black Orchid Banquet with Debby, Tina Silber (our reporter in the field), and Rebecca Stout Bradbury, Mr. Stout's daughter. What a wonderful "P.R." campaign Debby devised! 

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Wolfean Sightings and Wolfean Shrines
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A Wolfean Shrine on Long Island (click to see an enlargement)

Wolfe Shrine

Emily took the picture below while she was on her honeymoon in Costa Rica. She is a law student and wrote "The Identity of Guilt" for The Gazette. (click to see an enlargement)

Fer-de-Lance bridge in Costa Rica

Marco's Wolfe Shrine in Queens (click to see enlargement)
Marco Wolfe Shrine

Milano, Italy Wolfe Fans celebrate the 80th anniversary of the publication of Fer-de-lance

Francesco BenziOctober 25, 2014
From Francesco Benzi

Yesterday night in Milano an Event Dinner for 80 years Fer-de-Lance and Nero Wolfe. Food and brilliant reading and discussion. The Event organized by Cucina Calibro Noir and Beat Edizioni Publisher. Excellent dinner inspired by the Nero Wolfe Cookbook.
Milano Italy Fer-de-Lance Wolfe dinner