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Synopsis (translation by Francesco Benzifrom of the Casanova Multimedia notice):

In 1959, due to disagreements with the FBI, Nero Wolfe, America's renowned detective, moves to Italy along with his assistant Archie Goodwin. He has two main goals: to find a chef to meet his gourmet requirements and to setup, in as short time a as possible, a large greenhouse for his precious orchids:. Both are hobbies that require dedication, concentration and above all ... money.

Pushed to work by the ever-practical Goodwin, who procures customers, Wolfe investigates murder cases that take place in Rome: a young woman poisoned during a gala, a university professor murdered with a small needle point, a rich philanthropist hit by a car in mysterious circumstances ... still without leaving [his new] home!

Wolfe deals with cold cases that the Italian police ignored or where they are simply groping in the dark. This is why Commissioner Graziani (the Italian version of Cramer) and his lieutenant Bordon (Stebbins) hate him and his assistant Goodwin.

Francesco Pannofino:  Nero Wolfe
Pietro Sermonti:  Archie Goodwin
Giulia Bevilacqua:  Rosa Petrini (a la Lon Cohen)
Andy Luotto:  Nanni Laghi (a la Fritz Brenner)
Michele La Ginestra:  Spartaco Lanzetta (a la Saul Panzer)
Marcello Mazzarella:  Commissario Graziani (Inspector Cramer)
Davide Paganini:   Maresciallo Bordon (Sergeant Stebbins)

The series (one season) was comprised of eight episodes, listed in order of appearance:

1     La traccia del serpente (Fer-de-Lance)
2     Champagne per uno (Champagne for One)
3     La principessa Orchidea (The Golden Spiders)
4     Il patto dei sei (The Rubber Band)
5     Scacco al Re (Gambit)
6     Parassiti (If Death Ever Slept)
7     La scatola rossa (The Red Box)
8     Coppia di spade (Over My Dead Body)

(Thank you Francesco Benzi (long-time Wolfe Pack member) & James Enge)

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