The Black Orchid Novella Award

Awardees & Publication Date in
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

Year Author Novella Title Publication Date
2023 Libby Cudmore "Alibi in Ice" July, 2024
2022 Jacqueline Freimor "The Case of the Bogus Cinderellas" July, 2023
2021 Alexis Stefanovich-Thomson "The Man Who Went Down Under" July, 2022
2020 Tom Larsen "El Cuerpo en el Barril" ("The Body in the Barrel") July, 2021
2019 Ted Burge "The Red Taxi" July/August 2020
2018 Mark Bruce “Minerva James & the Goddess of Justice” July/August 2019
2017 Mark Thielman “The Black Drop of Venus” July/August 2018
2016 Steve Liskow "Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma" [second time winner!] July/August 2017
2015 Mark Thielman "A Meter of Murder" July/August 2016
2014 K. B. McAbee “Dyed to Death” July/August, 2015
2013 Susan Thibadeau "The Discarded Spouse" July/August, 2014
2012 Robert Lopresti "The Red Envelope" July/August, 2013
2011 James Lincoln Warren "Inner Fire" July/August, 2012
2010 Bradley Crowther "Politics Make Dead Bedfellow" July/August, 2011
2009 Steve Liskow "The Strangle Hold" July/August, 2010
2008 Michael Nethercott "O'Nelligan's Glory"
July/August, 2009
2007 John Gregory Betancourt "Horse Pit" July/August, 2008