• The American Civil Liberties Union—Rex Stout was on the original board of the ACLU and was active in many of its causes.


  • Memoirs of Casanova
    (a case for Freedom of Speech)
  • Other
    • Stout nearly causes riot at Hiram Fish Rally

    • The Rosenbergs

      Although Rex Stout was decidedly anti-communist by the early 1930s, he was angry when he read Invitation To An Inquest (1965) by Walter and Miriam Schneir, an expose of how the government railroaded the Rosenbergs to the electric chair in the 1952 trial. Be sure to read his Rampart's Magazine article:

    However, on September 12, 2008 The New York Times interviewed a co-conspirator, Morton Sobell, who was released from Federal prison after serving more than 19 years. He states that Julius Rosenberg was indeed guilty:

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