Rex Stout came from a large family and a long line of ancestors, from both his mother's and father's sides of the family, whose arrivals date back to the very earliest European immigrants arriving in "the New World."  

To learn more about the Todhunter and Stout ancestors, click one of the option below to listen to or read Bob Gatten's presentation given at the 2011 Black Orchid Assembly:

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Presentation of Robert Gatten's Immigrant Ancestors of Rex Stout 2011 Black Orchid Weekend Read the presentation

Early Life

Rex Stout was born in Noblesville, IN. When Rex was an infant, the Stout family moved to Kansas, living in a few locations in and around Topeka. In addition to achieving Kansas state spelling bee champion at the age of 13, he was a math prodigy and graduated from high school at the age of 16. For further details, read the general biographical material referenced on the main page of this section. Below are links to additional information about his early life: