In 1916, Stout married Fay Kennedy of Topeka, Kansas. They divorced in 1932 and in the same year Stout married Pola Weinbach Hoffmann, a designer who had studied with Josef Hoffmann in Vienna, Austria. Pola Stout is a renowned textile designer. She worked from her studio at High Meadow as well as from her own offices in Manhattan and a factory in Pennsylvania. In 1957 their daughters gave them a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party at High Meadow. Rex Stout was not pleased with the subterfuge used to surprise them, but enjoyed the party and attention. Click here to read the press coverage in the NY Post of December 23, 1957.

Rex & Pola Stout 1944Pola Stout Textile photos:

From the YouTube site of the granddaughter of John McAleer (official Stout biographer),
a Pola Stout scarf