Not Quite Dead Enough: First Edition
Not Quite Dead Enough: First Edition

If, like us, you have been waiting patiently for a new story about Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, here is a rich reward for your patience, for Not Quite Dead Enough, Rex Stout's newest book, is a double mystery. You probably won't believe it, but in the first story Archie, who is now a major in the Army, has to get himself implicated in a murder before he can dissuade Nero Wolfe from becoming a soldier, and persuade him that he should use his incredible talents for Army Intelligence. You will also be dumbfounded to find only lettuce, milk and prunes in Nero's icebox.

Booby Trap, the second story, finds Nero working for the War Department. The case presented to him involves widespread industrial sabotage, and without much in the way of clues, Nero, with Archie's help, sets his own "booby traps" to catch a murderer and a traitor.

Not Quite Dead Enough: "'It's all right, boss,' I said, trying to smile as if I were trying to smile bravely. 'I don't think they'll ever convict me. I'm pretty sure they can't. I've got a lawyer coming to see me. You go home and forget about it.'" (p. 56)

Booby Trap:
"Archie. I submit to circumstances. So should you." (p. 158)

New York Times, September 10, 1944: "You can't afford to miss it."