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Overview of Rex Stout—Acclaimed Author

Rex Stout was a multifaceted personality with a wide range of accomplishments and interests. He is best known as the author of the Nero Wolfe Mystery Series, which still has innumerable fans worldwide. However, before the Nero Wolfe series, he made a living as a writer of pulp fiction (1910--1918). He also published a number of non-mystery novels from 1929-1938 and a few non-Wolfe mystery stories from 1937 – 1941.

During World War II , he virtually stopped writing except to support the war effort as a commentator, propagandist, and president of the War Writers Board. Throughout his life Rex Stout wrote and spoke to explain, propound, and argue his points of view on a wide range of political, social, and other issues.

He received wide media coverage, including radio and television productions and interviews. Click any of the links below to read more about it. Rex Stout was a member and activly involved in a number of writers' organizations including the Authors Guild, Authors League, Society of Authors, Screen Writers Guild, Dramatists Guild, Radio Writers Guild, Song Writers Guild.

His literary awards include:

  • 1959: Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America
  • 1969: Sliver Dagger Award for The Father Hunt from the Crime Writers Association
  • 2000: Nomination of the Nero Wolfe corpus as the Best Mystery Series of the Century at Bouchercon 2000
  • 2000: Nomination of Rex Stout as the Best Mystery Writer of the Century at Bouchercon 2000
  • 2014: Induction of Rex Stout into the New York State Writers Hall of Fame (see information and photos of The Wolfe Pack in attendance)

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Julian Symons' NY Times Review of McAleer biography of Stout was followed by a "firestorm" of responses

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