Archie's general preferences

  • Likes corned beef on rye but must go out to get it – Wolfe won't permit it in the house. 
    (But when they flee to Lucy Valdon's house in TMH, corned beef is one of the items they buy at the deli on the way.) 
  • Ditto fried chicken which Fritz doesn't make (but see TGS, where they and the boys do have it for dinner – ch. 7, p. 73). 
  • Hates poaching eggs (TDR, ch. 12) but apparently can do it if pushed (IDES, ch. 1). 
  • Can fry eggs (DDx, ch. 12, 13), which Fritz also doesn't do.
  • Loves tarragon (LFM, below; TRBx, ch. 3, p. 32)
    That night I passed [Fritz] a wink when I saw how full the soup was of mushrooms, and when I tasted the tarragon in the salad dressing I threw him a kiss.    LFM, ch. 5, p. 45

The diner around the corner on Tenth Ave. is sometimes Sam's, sometimes Al's, sometimes someone else's (and sometimes on Eleventh):

  1. “…walked to the corner and into Sam's place…” Cordially Invited to Meet Death, ch. 7, p. 191
  2. “At Sam's Place, at the corner…” NQDE, ch. 4, p. 17
  3. “…Sam's Diner on Eleventh Avenue” Bullet, ch. 1, p 73
  4. “…kept going to Eleventh Avenue, to Mart's Diner...” IBF, ch. 15, p. 181
  5. “Al's place on Tenth Avenue ...” MIGH, ch. 1, p. 8
  6. Sam's diner at the corner of Tenth Avenue, or the drug store at the corner of Ninth … Assault, ch. 1, p. 153
  7. Al's diner at the corner of Tenth Avenue ...   Method 3, ch. 2, p. 77
  8. Bert's diner around the corner on Tenth Avenue ...    PIY, ch. 3, p. 29
  9. I decided to head for Al's diner ...    TFH, ch. 5, p. 50
  10. I got to Sam's diner on Tenth Avenue...  PPG, ch. 4, p. 23
  11. I walked to the drugstore at the corner of Eighth Avenue ... [in this case to use the phone, not for food]  AFA, ch. 13, p. 141

Archie, grabbing a bite while on errands or personal business:

Fer de Lance

  • ... a couple of sandwiches and a glass of milk ...   FdL, ch. 4, p. 42
  • [A finds W in a relapse]  ... I went upstairs to my room and got a bottle of rye from the closet and took a drink.   FdL, ch. 6, p. 75
  • [A's upset about 2 things:  he thinks he bungled something, and W's in a relapse]  I would have got drunk that evening if it hadn't been Sunday.    FdL, ch. 6, p. 81
  • He ... told the fat butler to bring us some highballs.    FdL, ch. 10, p. 129
  • [A declines another drink]  “– No, thanks, none for me.  With another of your elegant highballs I might answer almost anything.  They won't come any better than that even after repeal.”  [Prohibition was repealed in Dec. 1933]
  • . . . I threw my head back to get the end of the highball, and with the slick ice-lumps sliding across my upper lip let the last rare drops trickle in ...   FdL, ch. 10, p. 131
  • [A gets lunch for himself and the caddies]  .... sandwiches, two apiece, bananas, ice cream, and root beer ...  FdL, ch. 11, p. 140
  • At dinner ... I stuck to milk, but I had had a shot of rye upstairs.   FdL, ch. 12, p. 157
  • [The butler] asked if I would have some tea.
  • ...  “A glass of milk would be nice.”   FdL, ch. 14, p. 204
  • ... I was unenjoying myself at a fern and palm joint in Danbury with a plate of liver and bacon that had absolutely been fried in differential grease.    FdL, ch. 14, p. 208

League of Frightened Men

  • I snatched a pair of sandwiches ...  LFM, ch. 14, p. 161
  • ... at ten o'clock that Friday morning I sat in the smoking-room of the Harvard Club ... drinking vermouth ...  LFM, ch. 14, p. 165
  • ... a couple of rye highballs because the black sauce Fritz used for squirrel made milk taste like stale olive juice.    LFM, ch. 18, p. 234
  • [A in the Chapin apt.]  I was hungry and the chicken looked good ...  Not to mention the salad, which had green peppers in it.  [One presumes that means A likes green peppers.] LFM, ch. 18, p. 247
  • Mike Ayers appeared with another drink, but this time it wasn't for Bowen, he held it out to me and I took it and drank it.    LFM, ch. 21, p. 296

The Rubber Band

  • [I] poured myself a modicum of bourbon.  It felt favorable going down, so I took another modicum.   TRBd, ch. 8, p. 106
  • I seldom took a drink before dark, but the idea of a shot of bourbon seemed pleasing, so I went to the cabinet and helped myself.  TRBd, ch. 11, p. 149
  • [Clara Fox to A]  “I'll pour your coffee.”
  • “All right.  Black and two lumps.”   TRBd, ch. 12, p. 160

The Red Box

  • ... [I] poured myself a shot of bourbon, smelled it, and poured it back into the bottle. It wasn't whiskey I wanted. I went to the kitchen and ... drank a glass of milk. TRBd, ch. 15, p. 206
  • ... I favored the pork and beans, with a glass of milk.   TRBx, ch. 7, p. 75
  • ... [I] consumed two ham sandwiches and a couple of glasses of milk.   TRBx, ch. 7, p. 76

Too Many Cooks

  • [in the club car on the train]  ... I requested a glass of milk.  2MCk, ch. 1, p. 20
  • For myself, another milk, which would finish my bedtime quota. 2MCk, ch. 1, p. 24
  • [A orders refreshments while W interviews the cooks and waiters]  I had forgot to include milk in the order, so I made out with a bourbon highball.   2MCk, ch. 10, p. 137
  • [in the club car on the train]  ... I ordered a highball to celebrate Wolfe's collection of his fee.  2MCk, ch. 17, p. 236

Some Buried Caesar

  • I put sugar in my coffee and stirred.    SBC, ch. 6, p. 81
  • Then our host asked abruptly if Wolfe would like a highball, and Wolfe said no thanks he preferred beer but doubtless Mr. Goodwin would enjoy a highball.  SBC, ch. 2, p. 21
  • I myself wasn't doing so bad, because it was by no means pratteria Scotch in my highball, and I had nearly finished my second one ...  SBC, ch. 2, p. 24
  • [A allows himself another drink]  Three highballs were a notch above my ordinary indulgence ...  SBC, ch. 3, p. 34
  • [A at the expo]  ... I stood working on a bottle of milk which I had brought in from a dairy booth ...  SBC, ch. 6, p. 73
  • [Lily]  “The fricassee with dumplings is made by a Mrs. Miller whose husband has left her four times on account of her disposition and returned four times on account of her cooking ...”    SBC, ch. 6, p. 79
  • Osgood was scowling at a highball ... I had plain water.   SBC, ch. 9, p. 110
  • ... I went to the kitchen first and abducted a pitcher of Advanced Register Guernsey milk from the refrigerator.  SBC, ch. 12, p. 164
  • [In his cell A orders]  ... two ham sandwiches and a chocolate egg malted ...    SBC, ch. 17, p. 218
  • Bert appeared ... with ... the makings of highballs.    SBC, ch. 20, p. 256

Over My Dead Body

  • I went to the [drugstore] fountain and got a glass of grapefruit juice ... OMDB, ch. 3, p. 47
  • “Please have a drink,” the lady begged me.
    “Thanks, I will.”  I poured a good one and tossed it off ... OMDB, ch. 11, p. 146
  • I poured myself another drink, drank it ...  OMDB, ch. 11, p. 148

Where There's a Will

  • [Naomi Karns]  “What kind of a drink would you like?”
    “I could use a glass of milk, thank you.” WTW, ch. 3, p. 38
  • ... a maid came around with sandwiches and milk and ginger ale, and I took enough to last a while.   WTW, ch. 13, p. 166-7
  • Archie finds his milk too cold twice in WTW:
    1. (1)  at Naomi's:  ... I took a sip of my milk.  It was a little too cold, and I wrapped the glass with my palms ... WTW, ch. 3, p. 39
    2. (2)  at home:  ... [I] snared a glass of milk ...  The milk was a little too cold and I took my time sipping.  WTW, ch. 6, p. 81-2

Bitter End

  • [Fritz is sick and A & W must fend for themselves]  I was doing all right with a can of beans I had got at the delicatessen.    Bitter, p. 2
  • ... a dish of spaghetti and half a bushel of salad. Bitter, p. 15
  • ... a dish of beans and a couple of glasses of milk at a joint on Second Avenue ... Bitter, p. 45

Cordially Invited to Meet Death

  • ... about all I got out of it was three highballs.    Cor. Inv., ch. 3, p. 124
  • [at Sam's]  “... give me a ham sandwich and a glass of toxin.  If you have no toxin, make it milk.  Good old wholesome orangutan milk.  [He babbles on some more.] ... – what?  Oh.  Rye and no pickle.”   Cor. Inv., ch. 7, p. 191

Not Quite Dead Enough

  • At Sam's Place, at the corner, I ... settled myself at a table with a plate of beef stew and two glasses of milk.   NQDE, ch. 4, p. 17
  • [Fritz has left A a note to tell him there's no bacon, ham or pancake flour] After orange juice and ham and eggs and pancakes and two cups of coffee at Sam's Place ... NQDE, ch. 6, p. 33
  • [A takes Roy to a bar] ... ordered two double Scotches ...   NQDE, ch. 7, p. 46
  • ... a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of milk ...   NQDE, ch. 7, p. 50

Help Wanted, Male

  • [A at the Washington airport] ... with both appetite and time, I tried four kinds of sandwiches and found them all edible.   Help, ch. 4, p. 102

Instead of Evidence

  • I sipped my highball.   Inst./Evid., ch. 6, p. 187
  • I sipped my highball and lit a cigarette ...    Inst./Evid., ch. 6, p. 190

The Silent Speaker

  • [lunch at Ribeiro's]  ... a steaming plate of shrimps, cooked with cheese and covered with a spicy sauce ...   TSS, ch. 27, p. 182
  • “... walnut pudding with cinnamon.”  [also at Ribeiro's]  TSS, ch. 27, p. 188

Too Many Women

  • [A is forced to have lunch in a health food restaurant]  ... three apples and a glass of milk. 2MW, ch. 9, p. 22
  • [A makes up for the apples] ... bought three ham sandwiches and a quart of milk.  2MW, ch. 9, p. 26
  • ... asked him to bring me sandwiches and milk ...  2MW, ch. 17, p. 71
  • We were eating shad roe and avocado salad in a corner booth at Frisbie's.  ... to be sociable, more bourbon for me.  2MW, ch. 30, p. 141
  • ... went myself to a joint down the street and consumed sandwiches and milk.  2MW, ch. 32, p. 153

Bullet for One

  • [A gets corned beef sandwiches for himself and Pohl.  He asks Pohl if he wants his on rye with mustard (Pohl doesn't), so that's presumably A's own preference]  The beef was tender and full of hot salty sap, with just the right amount of fat, and the bread had some character.  I was a little short on milk, having got only a pint, but stretched it out.    Bullet, ch. 9-10, p. 112-113

And Be A Villain

  • ... the Montrachet; and, being strongly in favor of the way its taste insists on sneaking all over the inside of your head, I helped out with it.  ABV, ch. 5, p. 41
  • I was having highballs, to be sociable, and was on my third ...   ABV, ch. 13, p. 128

The Second Confession

  • I finished a sip of my Tom Collins ...   TSC, ch. 3, p. 22
  • I made mine bourbon and water ... TSC, ch. 4, p. 29
  • [A gets over his dope hangover]  ... I risked a couple of nibbles at a chicken sandwich and before I was through the sandwich was too, and also a piece of cherry pie and a glass of milk. TSC, ch. 5, p. 35
  • ... [I] treated myself to a lemon coke ... TSC, ch. 8, p. 72
  • ·In the middle of [the questioning] a colleague brought sandwiches and coffee in to us ...   TSC, ch. 11, p. 108
  • ... gin fizzes for Orrie and me ...  TSC, ch. 16, p. 166
  • Also I thought I could stand a highball myself, and supplied one.  TSC, ch. 19, p. 204

The Gun with Wings

  • [Clara] “Scotch on the rocks.”
    I told the waiter to bring two and he went.   Gun, ch. 7, 57

Disguise for Murder

  • I ... ordered ice cream and coffee.   Disguise, ch. 8, p. 204

In the Best Families

  • ... a sandwich and a malted ... IBF, ch. 7, p. 79

  • [Max Christy buys AG's breakfast in jail.]

Christy:  “Would bacon and eggs suit you?”
AG: “Just right.”
Christie: “Toast white or rye?”
AG: “White.”IBF, ch. 8, p. 91

  • [A at a busy bar] After a while the bartender admitted I was there and let me buy a highball.    IBF, ch. 14, p. 168
  • [in Rackham's suite]  I decided I was thirsty and went to the bar for a glass of soda and ice ...    IBF, ch. 14, p. 172
  • ... I cleaned up a plate of beef stew, three ripe tomatoes sliced by me, and two pieces of blueberry pie. IBF, ch. 15, p. 181
  • [A gets ready for the showdown with Zeck]  ... I ate three corned-beef sandwiches and three glasses of milk without knowing how they tasted, [and] burned my tongue on hot coffee ... IBF, ch. 19, p. 229

The Squirt and the Monkey

  • [lunch at the Koven home/cartoon factory]  ... the corned beef was wonderful and the bread must have been from Rusterman's, nor was there anything wrong with the turkey and sturgeon.   Squirt, ch. 2, p. 169
  • [Koven]  “Bourbon all right?  Say when.”  ... I accepted mine ...  Squirt, ch. 2, p. 173
  • ... an assistant district attorney ... even ate sandwiches with me.    Squirt, ch. 5, p. 190

Murder by the Book

  • For lunch I had cannelloni at Sardi's ...  MBB, ch. 4, p. 31
  • [A orders lunch from room service]  ... albacore steak ...    MBB, ch. 15, p. 153
  • [A in Finch's/Harris's hotel room]  ... I had only had orange juice before leaving the Riviera.  ... I gave him my order:  griddle cakes, ham and eggs, a jar of honey, and coffee.   MBB, ch. 16, p. 157

Home to Roost

  • [Archie longs for] ... a large coke-and-lime with the ice brushing my lips ...     Home/Roost, ch. 5, p. 43

Prisoner's Base

  • ... ordered a chocolate egg malted with three eggs.   PB, ch. 4, p. 43
  • [A drinks coffee and has toast with plum jam at Sarah Jaffee's apt. – PB, ch. 7 I think]
  • [W offers drinks to the assembly]  I had myself a tall glass of water – not that I don't like something with more authority in off hours, but that hour was far from off.    PB, ch. 10, p. 128
  • [A at the police station] ... the three of us disposed of a dozen ham sandwiches, six muskmelons, and a gallon of coffee, paid for by me.   PB, ch. 14, p. 172
  • ... I bought four nice ripe bananas and took them to a soda fountain and washed them down with a pint of milk.   PB, ch. 14, p. 174

Invitation to Murder

  • [Huck asks A what he wants to drink]  Having spotted a bottle of Mangan's Irish in the collection, I asked for that.   Inv./Mur., ch. 4, p. 38

The Golden Spiders

  • ... I ... went to a fountain for a Coke ...    TGS, ch. 9, p. 107
  • [W offers Orrie and Archie beer]  “Archie?”
    “No, thank you.  Beer likes me, but I don't like it.”  TGS, ch. 11, p. 129   

    [Note:  This is very reminiscent of the advertising slogan of 7-Up at the time (as seen in The American Magazine – e.g., several 1954 issues I have, and also July 1948).  The slogan was “You like it ... it likes you” and TGS was published in 1953.  I think Archie was deliberately mimicking it.]

  • [A at Leonard St. (DA's office) – also see below under Xmas Party]  ... a place around the corner I knew of that specialized in pigs' knuckles and sauerkraut ... TGS, ch. 15, p. 186
  • ... an attractive hot corned-beef sandwich and a slab of cherry pie ... also a pint bottle of milk. TGS, ch. 15, p. 188

When a Man Murders

  • ... a hamburger hell on Sixty-eighth Street, where I was sipping a glass of milk ...     When/Man, ch. 4, p. 118

The Black Mountain

  • [A in London]  ... muffins and marmalade and tea ...  I might as well ... start getting used to strange foreign food ... TBM, ch. 4, p. 48
  • [W, A, and Paolo Telesio drink wine – A's already had one glass and refused another]  After filling Wolfe's glass he came to me.  I would have preferred to pass, but his lifted brows at my prior refusal had indicated that a man who went easy on wine would bear watching, so I took it and got another handful of almonds.  TBM, ch. 5, p. 62-3
  • [A drinks goat's milk before dinner at Danilo's house]   TBM, ch. 9 or 10
  • [A checks out the single women on board]  The third, a neat little blonde, started drinking Gibsons an hour before lunch and didn't stop.  One morning I decided to do some research in physiology and keep up with her, but late in the afternoon I saw that she was cheating.  There were two of her, and they could both float in the air.  So I called it off, fought my way down to the cabin, and flopped on the bed.   TBM, ch. 16, p. 204

The Next Witness

  • [W & A on the lam]  ... I ... was instructed to stop somewhere and get cheese and crackers and beer ...  Next W, ch. 3, p. 31
  • ... disposed of three orders of chili con carne at a little dump on 170th Street where a guy named Dixie knows how to make it ...    Next W, ch. 4, p. 45

Before Midnight

  • I'm not a Pernod drinker ...   B4M, ch. 17, p. 157

Too Many Detectives

  • [At the police station A orders] ... two corned-beef sandwiches on white toast and a quart of milk. ... [The sandwiches] turned out to be ham on rye, and the ham was only so-so, but the milk was okay. 2MD, ch. 4, p. 177
  • ... for me double milk.  I like a drink occasionally, but not when I'm out on bail.  Then I need all my faculties.   2MD, ch. 6, p. 193
  • [A is mad at W for shutting him out]  I started for the fountain counter for a sandwich and milk, remembered that this trip would go on the expense account, went and found the restaurant that Stanley Rogers had recommended, and ordered and consumed six dollars' worth of food, getting a receipt.  2MD, ch. 7, p. 209

Might as well be Dead

  • [Fritz tells Archie if he doesn't like what he's fixing for lunch:]  “You can go to Al's place on Tenth Avenue and enjoy a ham on rye with coleslaw.”  He shuddered.    MAWBD, ch. 1, p. 8
  • ... [Delia Brandt] came back with a bottle of ginger ale, a bottle of gin, and two glasses with one cube of ice in each.  I apologized, said I had ulcers, and asked for milk.  She said she didn't have any, and I asked for water.  I will go beyond the call of duty in a pinch, but I wouldn't drink gin and ginger ale to get the lowdown on Lizzie Borden.  MAWBD, ch. 8, p. 75

Christmas Party

  • ... Santa Claus poured a glass of bubbles for me.  [champagne]  Xmas, ch. 2, p. 10
  • [A at Leonard St. – also see above under TGS]  ... I had just come back from Ost's restaurant, where I had put away a plateful of pig's knuckles and sauerkraut.   Xmas, ch. 6, p. 49

Easter Parade

  • After thirty minutes out for lunch at an oyster bar ... Easter, ch. 6, p. 110

If Death Ever Slept

  • ... a scotch and water for me ...  IDES, ch. 2, p. 21
  • ... I went and asked Mr. Goodwin [Orrie] for some scotch and water.    IDES, ch. 8, p. 103
  • Mohan's, which was in walking distance around the corner [from the DA's office] ...   IDES, ch. 14, p. 156
  • [at Cramer's office]  I lunched on sandwiches and milk at a desk he let me use ...   IDES, ch. 14, p. 160
  • [A at the DA's office]  At one o'clock I was allowed to take my pick of ham or turkey in a sandwich; no corned beef.  I insisted on milk and got it.   IDES, ch. 15, p. 172

Champagne for One

  • I ... was served a champagne cocktail.  .... killing good champagne with junk like sugar and bitters and lemon peel is of course a common crime, but the soda water was adding horror to homicide. CFO, ch. 2, p. 15
  • ... wouldn't I join him [in a drink?] ... a scotch and water for me ...  CFO, ch. 7, p. 89
  • [At Amy's Nook staking out Dinky's apt.]  ... I ate five pieces of pie, two rhubarb and one each of apple, green tomato, and chocolate, and drank four glasses of milk and two cups of coffee ...  The pie, incidentally, was more than satisfactory.  I would have liked to take a piece home to Fritz. CFO, ch. 12, p. 155

Poison a la Carte

  • ... my glass of milk ...  I can always drink milk and had preferred it to Bubble-Pagne, registered trademark, a dime a bottle, which they were having.  Poison, ch. 5, p. 40-1

Assault on a Brownstone

  • [A has quit and stormed out of the house while Fritz was fixing pheasant for dinner] 
    ... having in mind a modest snack in the neighborhood of three bucks [I] saw on the menu “Suprême of Pheasant Berchoux ..... $9.00.”  Of course I had to, though Berchoux was a complete stranger.
    ... the waiter brought pecan sour cream pie and coffee ...    Assault, ch. 3, p. 184

Counterfeit for Murder

  • [At the DA's office]  ... two corned beef sandwiches, a piece of blueberry pie, and two glasses of milk ...  Cft/Mur, ch. 8, p. 198

Plot It Yourself

  • ... when [Wolfe and I] are not speaking ... [I] go to Bert's diner around the corner on Tenth Avenue and eat beans.    PIY, ch. 3, p. 28-9
  • ... the Green Fence ... where a woman with a double chin fries chicken the way my aunt Margie did out in Ohio.  Fritz does not fry chicken. PIY, ch. 5, p. 49
  • I ate lunch that day, two hamburgers and a glass of milk, at the office of the Bronx District Attorney ...  I ate dinner, if two corned-beef sandwiches and lukewarm coffee in a paper cup can be called dinner, in the office of the District Attorney of the County of New York ... PIY, ch. 12, p. 105
  • [the aftermath of discovering Rennert's 3-day-old corpse]  ... fixed myself a gin and tonic ... PIY, ch. 13, p. 125
  • [Rather than face a Wolfe who has had no meat and no beer] ... I had a notion to go to Bert's diner around the corner and eat hamburgers and slaw ...   PIY, ch. 17, p. 175
  • [A in custody]  ... I had asked for corned-beef sandwiches and got ham and rubbery cheese ... Rodeo, ch. 7, p. 215

Death of a Demon

  • [at the DA's office]  ... we were having sandwiches and coffee ...   Demon, ch. 8, p. 120
  • The dick ... [was] civilized enough to think that even a dog has a right to eat what he likes, and I got what I asked for, corned beef on rye and milk.   Demon, ch. 8, p. 121

Too Many Clients

  • I had taken time out to find a lunch counter on University Place and take in a corned-beef sandwich, edible, a piece of cherry pie, not bad, and two glasses of milk. 2MCl, ch. 10, p. 117
  • [A at the DA's office]  ... they called time out for ten minutes for me to eat an inedible ham sandwich and a pint of Grade F milk ... 2MCl, ch. 15, p. 183

The Final Deduction

  • [A in White Plains]  ... a place I knew about, called Mary Jane's, where someone makes chicken pie the way my Aunt Anna used to make it in Chillicothe, Ohio, with fluffy little dumplings ...  I paid for the chicken and a piece of rhubarb pie ...    TFD, ch. 4, p. 41
  • ... I entered a drugstore ... and requested a glass of milk.   TFD, ch. 5, p. 64
  • I took a sip of scotch and soda.   TFD, ch. 10, p. 129


  • [W]  “What time did you get home?”
    “Nine minutes to seven, and had three fingers of bourbon while I was fixing a bowl of milk toast.”  Gam, ch. 11, p. 103
  • ... Piotti's little restaurant, eating spaghetti with anchovy sauce and sipping red wine ... Gam, ch. 14, p. 136
  • Fred had bourbon and water, and Saul and Orrie and I were sharing a bottle of champagne.    Gam, ch. 15, p. 148
  • I admit I was slightly keyed.  I seldom drink champagne when on duty, to prevent dereliction.  [“Dereliction of duty” is what he was supposedly fired for earlier in the book.]
    ...  Wolfe turned to Cramer.  “Mr. Goodwin is tipsy.”   Gam, ch. 15, p. 154

The Mother Hunt

  • [in Lucy's house]  ... a glass of milk in my hand.  TMH, ch. 2, p. 13
  • [Lucy]  “I'm going to have a martini.  Won't you?  ...”
    ... I thought I might as well be sociable.   TMH, ch. 2, p. 17
  • ... ordered a bowl of clam chowder, which Fritz never makes ... TMH, ch. 4, p. 38
  • ... found a market, and got chocolate bars, bananas, and a carton of milk. TMH, ch. 5, p. 50
  • [Saul]  “Would you care for a sandwich and raisin cake and milk?  I've had mine.”
    “Would I.”  ... Corned beef on rye, two of them.   TMH, ch. 5, p. 54
  • I said scotch and water.   TMH, ch. 9, p. 88
  • [at Lucy's]  ... we were seated on the couch with martinis ...   TMH, ch. 10, p. 101
  • [at Lucy's]  ... I made martinis.   TMH, ch. 12, p. 125
  • [A wants to avoid lunch with W]  So I stopped at a place along the way and ate duckling ...    TMH, ch. 15, p. 155
  • [W makes breakfast at Lucy's]  Eggs au beurre noir.    TMH, ch. 17, p. 180
  • [W at Lucy's]  “... sturgeon ...fumé à la Muscovite.”   TMH, ch. 17, p. 181
  • [W makes breakfast at Lucy's]  .... the scrambled eggs I had just eaten ... TMH, ch. 18, p. 185
  • [at Lucy's]  ... a ham sandwich and a glass of milk ...   TMH, ch. 19, p. 195

Blood Will Tell

  • ... the excuse for bread and stringy corned beef I had been supplied with at the DA's office. Blood, ch. 4, p. 153

A Right to Die

  • [room service in Archie's Racine hotel]  ... roast beef, hashed brown potatoes, and apple pie. RTD, ch. 3, p. 25
  • [A has a crush on Beth Tiger]  I took gin and tonic because Miss Tiger did. RTD, ch. 8, p. 81
  • [A provides refills to the guests]  As for me, I went to the kitchen and got a glass of milk.  ... ever since the time I missed an important point because I had had four martinis to be sociable I have limited myself to one dose when I'm working.    RTD, ch. 8, p. 90
  • I went to a cupboard for a bottle of Big Sandy [bourbon] and to a shelf for a glass, poured, and took a healthy sip.  Fritz said, “There's milk in the refrigerator.”
    “Not when I've just watched three grown men bully a poor little woman.”   RTD, ch. 10, p. 118

The Doorbell Rang

  • ... ordered a corned-beef sandwich on rye and a glass of milk.  There is never any corned beef or rye bread at Wolfe's table.  When that was down I requested a piece of apple pie and coffee. TDR, ch. 3, p. 29
  • “I ate something greasy, I forget what, in a dump in the Bronx.”    TDR, ch. 4, p. 35
  • ... Old Sandy bourbon, [and] poured three fingers ...   TDR, ch. 4, p. 38
  • [Cramer brings a carton of milk and a glass to his secret meeting with A]  I picked up the carton of milk, pried the flap open, and poured, carefully.   TDR, ch. 4, p. 45
  • I had a martini to keep her company, without the onion.   TDR, ch. 8, p. 97

Death of a Doxy

  • [A waits for Orrie to get home]  ... so I headed back for Eighth Avenue, with a notion about five or six fingers of bourbon, but with me the time for bourbon is when I'm going to let down, not when I have to pick up, so I went to a drugstore counter instead and got coffee.
    ... bought a glass of milk.  ...  I ordered a corned beef on rye and coffee.  There is never any rye bread in the kitchen of the old brownstone ...  [He finally gets hold of Orrie] after the second piece of pumpkin pie and the fourth cup of coffee ...  DDx, ch. 1, p. 3
  • [A has to wait 4 hours for the Flemings]  My one regret was that I hadn't brought along a chocolate bar, five or six bananas, and a quart of milk.    DDx, ch. 5, p. 43

The Father Hunt

  • ... I went to the bar for gin and ice and tonic ...    TFH, ch. 1, p. 1
  • “... there's a place around the corner that sells drinks and makes good egg-and-anchovy sandwiches.” TFH, ch. 1, p. 3
  • [Reporting to Wolfe]  “... we ... had egg-and-anchovy sandwiches which I have told Fritz about but he wasn't interested.”   TFH, ch. 2, p. 15
  • ... in a drugstore on Madison Avenue ... with a glass of milk. TFH, ch. 4, p. 41
  • ... I decided to head for Al's diner and treat myself to bacon and eggs and home-fried potatoes.  Eggs are never fried in Wolfe's and Fritz's kitchen, and neither are potatoes ...    TFH, ch. 5, p. 50
  • [A's driving home from Dutchess County] ... a stop for a root beer ...   TFH, ch. 6, p. 68
  • [lunch at the Bankers Club with McCray]  ... I had chosen sole Véronique and salad and lemon ice.   TFH, ch. 6, p. 73
  • [A gets home in a bad mood]  “No milk or coffee.  I'm going to drink a quart of whisky.”  ...
    I ... poured a shot of bourbon, sat at my breakfast table, and scowled.  Fritz, seeing the scowl, didn't talk.  ...
    [Wolfe] made a face.  “You're drinking whisky with food.”  TFH, ch. 7, p. 82
  • ... I had just returned from the kitchen with a slug of Irish ...   TFH, ch. 10, p. 115
  • [A rare or even unique instance where Wolfe gets Archie a drink, after going to the kitchen to get his own beer and glass, and a snifter for Archie!]  ... [Wolfe] got the cognac bottle from the stand and poured a couple of ounces in the snifter.   TFH, ch. 11, p. 128

Death of a Dude

  • [A and Lily order lunch in Timberburg's Continental Café]  ... split-pea soup ... two double bowls of soup, plenty of crackers, one milk, and one coffee ... DDd, ch. 1, p. 5
  • [Lily]  “Then may I have some hot coffee?”
    My milk glass was empty, so I had coffee too.    DDd, ch. 1, p. 7
  • [A in Jessup's office]  “Is there water handy?”
    [Jessup]  “I'm sorry.  ...  Scotch or rye?”
    I said just water would do but scotch would be welcome if it wanted in ... a man-sized glass containing two ice cubes immersed in whisky ...   DDd, ch. 11, p. 161-2

Please Pass the Guilt

  • My intention had been to get to Shea Stadium a little after one and enjoy a couple of hot dogs and a pint of milk while watching batting practice.  Instead, I got to Sam's diner on Tenth Avenue a little after one and enjoyed rye bread and baked beans, two items that never appear at Wolfe's table ...  PPG, ch. 4, p. 23
  • [A & W in the kitchen at night, after the guests leave]  I went and got a bottle of scotch from the cupboard.  There are times when milk will not do.    PPG, ch. 6, p. 56
  • ... went to the kitchen for a tall glass of gin and tonic with a sprig of mint and a dash of lime juice.  PPG, ch. 11, p. 100

A Family Affair

  • [A suggests Purley should be grateful for his help]  “... you ought to send me a box of candy.  I like caramels.”    AFA, ch. 2, p. 13
  • [W to Fritz]  “Please bring beer.  Milk, Archie?”
    I said no, make it gin and tonic, and we went to the office.   AFA, ch. 3, p. 32
  • ... I went to the bar [at Rusterman's] and ordered an Irish with water on the side.
       AFA, ch. 6, p. 69
  • [A and the boys in the office]  For a change we all had martinis.  Fred didn't like the taste of gin but he wanted to be sociable.  AFA, ch. 10, p. 109
  • [A makes sure he eats before being arrested]  ... I had had enough of the sandwiches they brought you at the DA's office.   AFA, ch. 11, p. 122
  • [A and Parker leave the lock-up and go to a bar]  ... when I said a double bourbon and a large glass of milk he raised his brows.
    “Milk for my stomach,” I told him, “and bourbon for my nerves.”  AFA, ch. 12, p. 130
  • Saul, always a good host, had ... Ten Mile bourbon for Fred and me and brandy for him ... AFA, ch. 15, p. 165