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HelloborineThe Archie Goodwin Quiz (presented at his 2011 birthday party) — by Ira Matetsky

Beer Quiz (2003 )— by Jonathan Levine

Big Brother Quiz — by Ira Matetsky

Black Mountain Quiz (Montenegrin Dinner, 2006) — by Carol Novak

Black Orchid Banquet (1979) — by Marjorie Mortensen

Central Park Gambol (2004) — by Jean Quinn

Dramatis Personae — by Richard Oldberg

Fer-de-Lance Quiz (1979) — by Unknown

Food & Orchids (and Vocabulary and ....) (Black Orchid Banquet 2008) — by Mike Riezenman

Happy 35th Anniversary (2012) — by Mike Reizenman & Ira Matetsky

Happy Anniversary (Misc. Events PLUS MORE Title Teasers) — by Ira Matetsky

Hello, My Name Is . . . — by Jean Quinn

Hail to the Chief — by Ira Matetsky

Murder Instruments (2001) — by Tenby Storm

Murder Sites — by Tenby Storm

Murder Victims— by Tenby Storm

Murderers — by Tenby Storm

Nero Race (2008 ) (including "what are the odds?") — by Mike Riezenman

Picnique Quiz — by Jonathan Levine

Pour Amour Contest (2010) — by Jonathan Levine

Rex Stout Quiz — by Ira Matetsky

Silver Anniversary Quiz (2002) — by Tenby Storm

Shad Roe Quiz (2010) — by Ira Matetsky

A Stout-Hearted Quiz — by Tenby Storm

Title Teasers — by Tenby Storm

Title Teasers—MORE (Black Orchid Banquet 2011) — by Jonathan Levine

Title Teasers, quotations, cryptogram and more (Black Orchid Banquet 2015) — by Mark Gorsetman & Ira Matetsky

Wolfe Talk Vocabulary Quiz — by Al Diamond