Over My Dead Body: First Edition
Over My Dead Body: First Edition



And usually (almost always) I go along with that slightly overweight, beer-drinking orchid-planter who happens to be (in my estimation) the world's shrewdest sleuth. His Name (of course) is Nero Wolfe and with my collaboration he has solved some of the most peculiar puzzles. This one I call . . .


When the Balkan princess batted her black lashes and begged Wolfe for help, her plea almost melted me on the spot. Naturally I was disturbed that our future together would be cut short by Wolfe's refusal to take her case. According to the princess , a friend of hers - Neya Tormic - was in a heap of trouble and only zee great Nero Wolfe could assist her. Why Wolfe? Simple, the princess declared, after all, Neya was Nero's daughter . . .

That was the first piece of a puzzle that involved a lot more than paternity charges - diamonds, international intrigue, and murder most foul soon complicated the game!

"War doesn't mature men; it merely pickles them in the brine of disgust and dread. Pfui!"(119)

Read the NY Times review from Jan. 27, 1940.

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