Nero WolfeSherlock HolmesMuch has been written regarding the parentage and origins of Nero Wolfe. Below are links to some of them. Rex Stout's presentation, Watson Was a Woman, at the January 31, 1941 Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) meeting may have started the commotion. His tongue-in-cheek humour did not fare well in that venue. Various BSI members over the course of time have investigated the parentage of Nero Wolfe.

In chronological order, some of the documents of the case concerning Wolfe's parentage:

Read more about Rex Stout's Bakers Street Irregular activities:

  • Rex Stout was invested in the BSI in 1949 with the "investiture" of The Boscombe Valley Mystery. [Baker Street Irregulars are given a name when they are invested with membership, hence "investiture."]
  • In 1961 the BSI honor known as the Two-Shilling Award "for extraordinary devotion to the cause beyond the call of duty," was created. The first one went to Rex Stout.
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  • Click here to read the transcribed speech of Watson Was A Woman. It was also published in:
    • The Saturday Review of Literature, Vol 23, No. 19 (March 1, 1941)
    • Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Issue #29, April, 1946
    • Misc. BSI and Sherlockian publications