The Father Hunt -- First Edition
The Father Hunt -- First Edition

She was twenty-two years old, a Smith graduate, charming, intelligent, appealing. When she buttonholed Archie Goodwin, she had a very simple request. She hadn't the faintest idea who her father was, had never seen him or heard of him, and wanted to learn who and where he was. She also, it turned out, had something in excess of a quarter of a million dollars mysteriously received from that father, but she didn't really consider that part of the mystery at all. Archie, of course, took the problem to Nero and Nero took the problem on after he discovered that the girl's mother had apparently been murdered and that the possible antecedents of the girl stretched back toward certain men of great power and influence, and into realms as diverse as international banking, national television, and public relations. To solve it, Nero and Archie have to be at the top of their form, and they are. This is the first new Nero Wolfe novel in nearly two years - an unusual interval for the productive Rex Stout, who celebrated his eightieth birthday in December 1966.

The search for Amy Denovo's father: opens with an egg-and-anchovy sandwiches snack with Archie.


"If you please, Mr. Jarrett, no labels. Labels are for the things men make, not for men. The most primitive man is too complex to be labeled." (p. 76)


Does this man ever write a bad novel. I think not! I won't bother with anything fancy here. Just go buy it and settle back to enjoy another world and time in a not so distant past.

This must be my favourite of the many Rex Stout Nero Wolfe novels! Fave characters (Archie and Nero), excellent mystery, great dialogue, etc... Always worth reading! []