Brownstone Addresses

Except for the first three West 35 St. addresses below, Archie locates Wolfe's house in the Hudson River. Perhaps the doorbell rang too frequently. See also:

West Thirty-Fifth Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues is filled with ramps and underpasses for the Lincoln Tunnel. These were built during the 1940s and 1950s and do not figure into Archie's descriptions of the area surrounding the brownstone.

Wolfe's brownstone is located on the south side of 35th Street since the passageway to the next street leads to 34th Street. Therefore, the number of the house is an even number. Throughout Manhattan the streets running east and west have even numbers on the south side and odd numbers on the north side.

454 W 35 Street
Plaque Affixed to 454 W. 35th Street
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8 Morningside Avenue— Home of the Stout Family in 1909

Located across the street from Morningside Park and The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, just North of 110th Street, Manhattan. Although the ground floor of the building appears to have a brownstone veneer, this is not a brownstone townhouse like Mr. Wolfe's.

8 Morningside Avenue, NYC

44 W. 76 Street

Used for exterior shots for the A&E TV Series, this double-wide brownstone townhouse below has more than seven steps when viewed with the sidewalk "in the picture." According to the A&E producers there are no double width brownstones with seven steps in Manhattan. They apparently searched the NYC Department of Buildings' database for this data. There are in fact comparatively few double wide brownstones.

Click here to see more great pictures of the TV set during NYC (vs. Toronto) filming.

44 W 7t Street, NY, NY

And below is a photo from Google of 302 E. 82nd Street -- single width brownstone townhouse with seven steps spotted one day while walking down the street! (It's a useful habit to count the steps of brownstones as you pass them, just in case you can find a seven-stepper.)

302 E 82 St--single width brownstone townhouse