This section lists the biographical publications regarding Rex Stout's varied and interesting life as well as the many commentaries (of course containing biographical data) about Nero Wolfe and the world of the brownstone on West Thirty-Fifth Street, Manhattan). There are a links to a number of reading copies as well.

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Biographies of Rex Stout

Anderson, David R., Rex Stout,(1984, Frederick Ungar,)

Click to ReadAnderson, David R., "Crime and Character: Notes on Rex Stout's Early Fiction", The Armchair Detective (1980, The Mysterious Press, Spring, 1980, Volume 13, Number 2, p. 169-171)

Bourne, Michael (Editor), Corsage: A Bouquet of Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe (1977 James A. Rock & Co., Publishers)

"Rex Stout: An Informal Interview"
Audio Cassette of the interview available separately [may be in stock]

Rex Stout & John McAleerMcAleer, John J.
  • Rex Stout: A Biography with foreword by P. G. Wodehouse, (1977, Little, Brown)
  • Rex Stout: A Biography, Brownstone Mystery Guides, Volume Six, (1994, Borgo Press)
  • Rex Stout: A Majesty's Life (reprint, with additional forewords, of Rex Stout: A Biography) (2002, James A. Rock & Co., Publishers,
  • Queens Counsel - Conversations with Ruth Stout on her brother Rex Stout, (1987, Pontes Press, Ashton, MD
  • Royal Decree - Conversations with Rex Stout (1983, Pontes Press, Ashton, MD)

Click to ReadReview of McAleer Biography from Noblesville, IN Library/Rex Stout Archives

Click to ReadJulian Symons NY Times Review of McAleer Biography and the firestorm of rebuttals

Click to Read John J. McAleer's "Some Thoughts on Being a Literary Biographer


Townsend, Guy M. (Editor) with McAleer, John, J. and Sapp, Judson C. and Schemer, Arriean, Rex Stout An Annotated Primary and Secondary Bibliography, (1980, Garland)

"Rex Stout's Most Extraordinary Meal" (1973, Harper's Magazine)
Click to ReadAn interview with Mr. Stout regarding his unusual trip to war-ravaged Europe in 1945.

Nero Wolfe Commentaries

(listed alphabetically, by author)

Mr. Wolfe's biographies and career assessments are represented with the following works. However, they also contain insight into Mr. Stout's career as Archie's Literary Agent.

William S. Baring-GouldBaring-Gould, William S., Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-fifth Street (1969,, Viking)
Additional Information:

Clark, John D., "Some Notes Relating to a Preliminary Investigation into the Paternity of Nero Wolfe"

  • The Baker Street Journal, Vol. VI, No. 1, New Series, Jan, 1956
  • The Gazette, Volume II, Number 4 – Autumn 1983 (available for purchase)

Click to ReadCannon, Ammie Sorensen, "Controversial Politics, Conservative Genre: Rex Stout's Archie-Wolfe Duo And Detective Fiction's Conventional Form" (August, 2006, Brigham Young University, Master of Arts Thesis, Department of English)

Dale, Alzina Stone, Mystery Readers Walking Guide: New York, (1993, Passport Books, NTC Publishing Group, Lincolnwood, IL.)

Darby, Ken, The Brownstone House of Nero Wolfe (As Told By Archie Goodwin) (1983, Little, Brown)

Click to ReadDeVoto, Bernard, "The Easy Chair - Alias Nero Wolfe", (July, 1954, Harpers Magazine)

Fred GotwaldGotwald, Rev. Frederick G.

  • Rex Stout, Name-dropper
  • The Nero Wolfe Handbook, Revised, 2000
  • New York City Walkabout, Revised, 1998
  • Nero Wolfe Companion ( 10 volumes)

Photo on the right: The Rev. Gotwald at the Wolfe Pack's 2002 Black Orchid Assembly. The books by Rev. Gotwald, a longtime Wolfe Pack member, were privately published and are no longer available.

Kaye, Marvin, Editor

Collected articles from The Gazette , The Journal of the Wolfe Pack:

McAleer, John J., Rex Stout Journals (1987, Pontes Press, Ashton, MD)

  • No. 1 - Autumn, 1984
  • No. 2 - Spring, 1985
  • No. 3 - Autumn, 1985
  • No. 4 - Spring, 1986

Click to ReadNo. 5 - Autumn, 1986/1988

click to readMcAleer, John J., "Rex Stout Newsletter", The Armchair Detective, (Spring, 1980, The Mysterious Press, Volume 13, Number 2, p. 108-109)

click to read McAleer, John J., "Misogynist Rex", (1979, Murderess Ink, Editor, Dilys Winn, Workman Publishing. Pages 86-89)

McBride, O. E., A Stout Fellow: A Guide through Nero Wolfe's World (2003, iUniverse, Incorporated)

click to readO'Shaughnessy, H. M., Trivia and Treasures from Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Detective Stories-- from the mother of Perri O'Shaugnessy (the pen-name for two people, Pamela and Mary O'Shaughnessy, sisters and authors of the many bestselling Nina Reilly novels.)

Click to ReadPenzler, Otto, Private Lives Of Private Eyes: Spies, Crime Fighters, and Other Good Guys, (1977, Grosset & Dunlap, New York)

Ruaud, André-François, Les Nombreuses Vies de Nero Wolfe: Un Privé À New York, (2008, les moutons électriques)

This beautiful new homage to Nero Wolfe & Rex Stout is available online from Amazon France. Even if you do not read French, the hundreds of illustrations are worth the purchase price!

Roseman, Mill, Penzler, Otto, Steinbrunner, Chris, Lachman, Marvin, Detectionary, (1977, The Overlook Press, Woodstock, New York)

Click to ReadSpiesman, Anthony, "Nero Wolfe Consultation", Murder Ink, Editor, Dilys Winn, (1977, Workman Publishing, Pages 88-90)

Cookbook Synopsis


Stout, Rex & The Editors of Viking Press, The Nero Wolfe Cook Book (1987, Viking Press)

Click to Read Polsby, Nelson W., "Alimentary, my dear Watson," (August, 1973, Harper's Magazine)

A review of the cook book (to the right)—Harper's online scan has the right side of the 2nd page cropped too close to the margin.)

Click to ReadSymons, Julian; Adams, Tom (Illustrator) The Great Detectives, Harry N. Abrams, (Nero Wolfe pastiche with fabulous full color illustrations by Tom Adams. Click the READ button to view scans of the artwork. (Thank you Harry N. Abrams.)

Townsend, Guy, "Nero Wolfe Saga" in The Mystery Fancier magazines, multiple volumes, May 1977 / June 1980.

Van Dover, J. Kenneth

  • At Wolfe's Door -- The Nero Wolfe Novels of Rex Stout (2003, James A. Rock & Co., Publishers) (A reprint, with additional material, of the original, 1991, Borgo Press)
  • At Wolfe's Door -- The Nero Wolfe Novels of Rex Stout (1991, The Borgo Press)

Nero Wolfe DOes Not Belong in Russia

Zuckerman, Molly Jane Levine
, Rex stout Does Not Belong in Russia: Exporting the Detective Novel (2016, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, New York)