December 3, 1978 Prof. John McAleer Author of the Rex Stout Biography
(see the menu from the First Banquet)
"Welcome to The Wolfe Pack"
December 1, 1979 Jamie O'Boyle Charter Pack member, soldier of fortune, and a man of mystery and intrigue "A Word from Wolfe"
December 4, 1980 Jonathan Levine Wine Writer, Gourmand   "The Wines of Nero Wolfe"
December 5, 1981 Jacques Barzun American writer, educator, and historian "Rex Stout and His Two Lives"
December 4, 1982 Dr. Robin Winks Professor of English Yale University  "Pricking Small Bubbles"
December 3, 1983 Hy Brown Radio Broadcaster: Hy Brown Nightly Mysteries "My Life With Nero Wolfe on Radio"
December 1, 1984 Isaac Asimov Author & Friend of Mr. Stout "Remembering Nero"
December, 1985 Tony Spicer NYC Private Detective "I Wish I Were Nero Wolfe"
December, 1986 John McAleer Author of the Rex Stout Biography "On Rex Stout"
The Open Book Ensemble NYC's Oldest Professional Readers Theatre Company The Nero Wolfe Cantata
December 5, 1987 Margaret Goodman Actress and Singer  "Nero Wolfe and the Performing Arts"
December, 1988 Gahan Wilson Cartoonist "Mr. Wolfe's Nose"
December, 1989 Fritz Sonnenschmidt Chef  Culinary Institute of America (CIA)  "Nero Wolfe---Nutritional Genius"
December, 1990 William DeAndrea Mystery Writer  "A Debt to Nero Wolfe"
December 7, 1991 Philip Lentz Press Secretary to the New York Lieutenant Governor "Archie Goodwin--Second Banana"
December, 1992 Rebecca Stout Bradbury Daughter of Rex Stout "About Living with Nero Wolfe"
    A Nero Wolfe Roast
October 23, 1993 Archie Goodwin Editor & Illustrator of Comics (e.g., Marvel Comics/Spider Man)  "What's it Like to be Archie Goodwin"
December, 1994 Sgt. Robert Chung NYPD  "A Detective In Real Life"
December, 1995 Barbara Burn Editor, The Nero Wolfe Cookbook "History of the Nero Wolfe Cookbook"
December, 1996 Douglas Braswell Actor  "Being Nero Wolfe"
December, 1997 Marvin Kaye Actor and Writer "Introduction to Mystery Writing"
December, 1998 H. Paul Jeffers Author, Corpus, Corpus
(*Corpus, Corpus, one of Mr. Jeffers' mystery stories, is set at the annual Black Orchid Banquet of The Wolfe Pack.  Available online.)
"Wolfe Was Mycroft's Son"
December, 1999 Ellen Krieger Founder of The Wolfe Pack  "Reflections on The Wolfe Pack"
December, 2000 Robin Winks Professor of English, Yale University "The Place of Nero Wolfe in American Mystery Fiction"
December, 2001 Michael Jaffe Executive Producer, The Nero Wolfe Television Series "Bringing Nero Wolfe to Television"
December 7, 2002 Barbara Benjamin Secretary to Rex Stout at the War Writers Board "Working for Rex Stout"
December 6, 2003 Marvin Kaye Actor and Writer "The Nero Wolfe Files"
December 4, 2004 Jane Haddam Mystery Writer and Wolfe Pack member "Killing Off People You Don't Like for Fun and Profit"
December 3, 2005 David Rosengarten Noted chef, TV personality, & author of It's All American Food "American Cuisine"
December 2, 2006 Lawrence Block Noted Author & First Recipient of The Nero Award "Literary Awards"
December 8, 2007 Donald Westlake Noted Author State of Indie Bookstores Keeping the Masters in Print
December 6, 2008 Frank D. Gilroy Pulitzer-Prize-winning author, screenwriter and director of the 1977 TV movie of THE DOORBELL RANG The making of the Nero Wolfe movie starring Thayer David and Tom Mason
December 5, 2009 Elaine May A retrospective of Nero Wolfe Her vision of and reflections on Mr. Wolfe
December 4, 2010 Gahan Wilson Award-winning cartoonist & creator of The Wolfe Pack logo "Mr. Wolfe's Lips Exercise"
December 3, 2011 Linda Fairstein Former Manhattan DA's office prosecutor and Multi-Award Winning Author of the Alex Cooper mystery series "My Non-Movie Deal"
December 1, 2012 William C. Forbes, Esq. Former Prosecuting Attorney of Kanawha County, West Virginia "The investigation depicted at Kanawha Spa in Too Many Cooks"
December 7, 2013 Robert Goldsborough Award winning author of the Nero Wolfe continuations and other stories "Lots of Frightened Men"
December 6, 2014 Stephen Schwartz Award winning musical theatre lyricist and composer, including Godspell, Pippin, and Wicked Affection for and appreciation of Wolfe and Stout
December 5, 2015 Terry Teachout American critic, biographer, librettist, author, playwright, and blogger; the drama critic of The Wall Street Journal, the critic-at-large of Commentary "Better than Holmes"
December 3, 2016 Michael Bourne Jazz Disc Jokey (WBGO, Jazz 88), an active arts and travel journalist, especially for Down Beat. , Michael edited Corsage, a tribute to his favorite mystery author, Rex Stout -- "the most fascinating individual I've ever known," says Michael. He edited the mini-magazine Hennessy Jazz Notes from 1992-1997. In May, 1977 he published Corsage:Corsage: A Bouquet of Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe which included an audio tape of an interview by Mr. Bourne with Rex Stout in Mre. Stout's home, High Meadow.  
December 2, 2017 Joseph Goodrich Joseph Goodrich, an author and dramatist, lives in New York. Park Square Theatre in Saint Paul, Minnesota, commissioned a world-premiere stage adaption of The Red Box, presented June 6 – July 13, 2014 .  
December 1, 2018 Loren Estleman Loren Estleman is a writer of detective and Western fiction. He is known for a series of crime novels featuring the investigator Amos Walker. He is also known for his humorous short stories published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine featuring Claudius Lyon, who drinks copious amounts of cream soda and grows tomatoes in his rooftop greenhouse and Arnie Woodbine, an ex-con who is the narrator of the stories  
December 7, 2019 Professor Amanda Bellarmino Professor at the UNLV College of Hospitality "Why Does the Wolfe Pack Wander?"
December 5, 2020 Rebecca Stout Bradbury Rex Stout’s daughter Interview, conducted by Marilyn Schaffer (virtual event)
December 4, 2021 (No keynote speech due to extra award presentations)
December 3, 2022 Professor Thomas Howell Retired Professor of History and author of Soldiers of the Pen "Rex Stout and the Writers’ War Board"