Cast (both series):

  • Nero Wolfe:            Donatas Banionis
  • Archie Goodwin:     Sergey Zhigunov (also Producer)
  • Inspector Kramer:   Sergey Parshin
  • Fritz Brenner:          Sergey Migitzko

Series 1 Episodes (2001-2002):

  • The Affair With the Cap (Disguise for Murder)
  • Poka ya ne umer (Before I Die / Trouble in Triplicate--Pictured to the right)
  • Resurrect to Die (Man Alive)
  • Flying Gun (Gun with Wings)
  • A Voice From the Other Side (The Silent Speaker)

Series 2 Episodes (2005):

  • A Gift for Lily (based on "Black Orchids")
  • A Last Will of Marko (based on ""Black Mountain")
  • Too Many Women (based on "Too Many Women")
  • A Mystery of Red Box (based on "The Red Box")

Teleplay written by Vladimir Valutskiy, who had written the 1980s Russian Sherlock Holmes TV series, considered to be one of Russia's all-time TV classics.

Score by Vladimir Dashkevich, who also wrote the score for the Holmes series. He says he found it important for the Wolfe series to feature period music of the 1930s. Nevertheless, he "composed" the opening tune of the Wolfe series by simply playing backwards(!) his own opening tune of the Sherlock Holmes series of the 1980s.

During 2001-2002, A&E and the Russians were shooting Wolfe stories in parallel, although there are no know references to either team discussing the other's efforts.


Series 1 Screen Captures and fan page

A Russian fan's homepage at includes links to screen captures from Series One:

Gun with Wings
The Gun with Wings
Disguise for Murder
Disguise for Murder
Russian: The Affair With the Cap
Man Alive
Man Alive!
Russian: Resurrect to Die
Silent Speaker
The Silent Speaker
Russian: A Voice From the Other Side
Before I Die
Before I Die
Russian: Poka ya ne umer
Russian video Chinese slip case
Russian Nero Wolfe Series in Chinese slip case