On a sunny Spring day members of the Stout Family and the Wolfe Pack convened at the Northeast corner of Fifth Avenue and 13th Street, facing 66 Fifth Avenue, where Rex Stout lived during the 1920s.

Following the stroll past the haunts of victims, clients, and murders, along with some historic NYC sights, we refreshed ourselves at of “Gallo Nero” (Seventh Avenue South & Grove Street / Sheridan Square) with a drinks and snacks.

First stop:   66 FIFTH AVENUE
The former home of Macmillan publishers, it was purchased by Jack Kaplan, a friend of Rex Stout's, in 1925. Kaplan added a penthouse onto the building, designed to Stout's specifications. The penthouse home of Fay and Rex Stout became a magnet for their friends with frequent parties hosted by the Stouts. The guests included John Dos Passos, Robert Sherwood and Paul Robeson.

Check back later for photos of the walking tour. In the meantime, click here to read and enjoy the Walking Tour booklet featuring stops at sights & scenes from the lives of Rex Stout and Archie Goodwin (and of Nero Wolfe through Archie's reports to him).


Rex Stout's Greenwich Village Penthouse