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Are "satisfactory" and "pfui" two of your favorite words? Would you rather put vinegar on things than use "contact" as a verb? When you close your eyes and think of West 35th Street, do you picture a row of elegant brownstone townhouses, one with seven steps and a rooftop greenhouse, rather than what's really there? If so, there's an organization where you will find hundreds of kindred spirits.   

The Wolfe Pack, founded in 1978, is dedicated to the celebration of America's greatest - and largest - detective, Nero Wolfe, and his world. The Pack publishes a semi-annual journal, The Gazette, and sponsors several events each year honoring the habits and neighborhoods of Mr. Wolfe and Archie. Our oldest tradition, The Black Orchid Banquet, is held in December. Several local chapters, called racemes, exist outside the New York City area, and additional racemes are always supported

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I hope you will want to join our group of enthusiastic Wolfeans. I'm sure you will find membership in the Wolfe Pack a satisfactory experience.

Jean Quinn, Membership Chair & Editor-in-Chief of The Gazette

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