Archie Goodwin, Phoenix Suns, 2015Archie Goodwin, Professional Basketball Player

Archie Goodwin III (born August 17, 1994) is an American professional basketball player who currently (2015) is in his second season with the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 2012 graduate of Sylvan Hills High School led his team to its first state basketball championship and was one of the top rated basketball players in the class of 2012. For additional information see the Wikipedia article at

Archie Goodwin, Renowned Illustrator

AGAnother Archie Goodwin was a very famous (and real) person. Archie Goodwin (9/18/1937 -- 2/28/1998) was an editor, writer, and artist on a wide variety of projects at Marvel, DC, Warren, and other publications. He also wrote several newspaper comic strips including Star Wars and Secret Agent Corrigan. Mr. Goodwin was the keynote speaker at the 1993 Black Orchid Banquet.  His topic? "What's It's Like to be Archie Goodwin." 

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Archie Software? Error Localization Tool for Software Testing Is Named after Archie

From our roving reporter, Betina Silber, Archie Software "is named after Archie Goodwin, the assistant to Rex Stout’s fictional detective Nero Wolfe. The basic idea is that, under Wolfe’s direction, Archie does all the work required to localize the crime to a specific suspect, then Wolfe uses his superior intelligence to solve the crime."

This software "presents a new error localization tool, Archie, that accepts a specification of key data structure consistency constraints, then generates an algorithm that checks if the data structures satisfy the constraints...." Click here to read the full abstract from the Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT.


by Francis M. Nevins
Archie Goodwin & Maverick
Sun 31 May 2009

Speaking of Nero, it was my good fortune that I began reading Rex Stout in the late 1950s, when I was in my middle teens and also pigging out on a dozen or more TV Western series a week.

Why was this a lucky break for me? Because one of those Western series saved me from misunderstanding Archie Goodwin.

If you were following the Wolfe saga during the Hammett-Chandler era when the novels and novellas were first coming out, you might easily have tried to assimilate Archie to the legion of wisecracking PI/first person narrators of the time, and then rejected the character when you sensed what a poor fit that was.

Even so astute a critic as John Dickson Carr, writing in 1946, referred to Archie as "insufferable" and a "latter-day Buster Brown."

But if you were fortunate enough to discover Stout in the late Fifties, at a time when millions of Americans including myself were watching Maverick every Sunday evening, you might have recognized Archie Goodwin and Bret Maverick as soul brothers.

You might have credited Rex Stout with having created in prose the Great American Wise ass prototype which James Garner brought to perfection on film. You might have longed to see one of Stout's novels filmed with Orson Welles as Wolfe and Garner as Archie. At least I did. What a shame that it never happened!
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