Many of us know a lot about a certain brownstone on West 35th Street. It's layout, contents, inhabitants and their habits. Some of us want to bring the words (or TV series images) to life in our own home. Here are some fans' efforts. And WOW -- what efforts. Take a moment to browse Mr. Wolfe's office as re-created by Nadine, Anna, and Dee Snyder, and other creations below.

Nero Dragonov:
A Vignette Homage to the World's Greatest Detective Nero Dragonov

Ronan Dragonov of Denmark created this wonderful Lego homage to the ultimate Legman—Archie.
Click the image to see an enlargement.

Marco Conelli's Christmas Present

Marco received these as a Christmas gift from, he says,"my Nina." Now this is SOME present! (Click an image to see an enlargement.)

Wolfe cover ornaments

Ornament on a Tree

Also find out about Marco's Matthew Livingston teenage detective at Marco's site.

Brad Deville's Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin Dolls

For miniature collectors or just plain Wolfe collectors, these scale-model dolls are a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the web site is no longer online. Click an image to see an enlargement.

NW & AG Dolls NW & AG Dolls NW & AG Dolls NW & AG Dolls

This message is from Brad Deville, now deceased.

My name is Brad Deville and I sell my dolls under my business name Deville Doll Designs.  At the bottom of this page you will see a link to my gallery if you would like to see more of my work.

I became interested in making dolls because of the phenomenal success of doll artist, Robert Tonner.  I enjoy using my design and sculpting talents in making original porcelain miniature dolls that look like famous people, literary, medieval, historical figures, and doll characters  that catch my interest.

I have an art background, primarily in sculpting.  A serious auto accident a few years ago brought an end to my previous career.  While in rehab, I discovered that I have an interest and talent in creating miniature dolls that look like real people.  I am a big fan of Jane Austen and plan to make dolls of her most famous characters.  I have designed all-porcelain fully-jointed bodies for all of my dolls.

Because of my physical limitations I am unable to get about easily or to travel to doll shows, so I plan to sell my dolls through eBay auctions.

I hope you will enjoy looking at my work and will want one of my dolls for your collection.

Other Miniature Projects

At least two Other Wolfe brownstone enthusiasts have been identified. Following is a tantalizing lead from Nadine.

"I have a copy of a miniaturist magazine called Nutshell News from November 1982 with an article called "The Gourmet Who-Done-It" by Dee Snyder. She acquired a brownstone doll house and went to town on it. There are pictures of the office, the kitchen and the entrance hall. She had a friend create Wolfe and Fritz dolls and she mentioned that Virginia Lanham had also completed a Wolfe office." Click here to see Dee Snyder's article, "The Gourmet Who-Done_It" from Nutshell News (November, 1982) with photos of her creation.

Anyone out there have any more clues or even a firm identification Virginia Lanham?

Dee Snyder, who died in 1992, is best remembered for her work on the Baker Street habitat.