Albella RisotoranteThe Wolfe Pack's second oldest tradition -- The Shad Roe Dinner -- was celebrated in 2010 at Albella Ristorante in the Civic Center district, just north of City Hall.  Once again the Wolfe Pack's tribute to the fecundity of the Shad (and one of Mr. Wolfe's favorite dishes) included good food, good drink, good company, and limericks.

The menu included salad followed by an entrée selection.  Entrée choices included Shad Roe (prepared from a recipe in the Nero Wolfe Cookbook), the "Fred Durkin alternative" of Chicken Marsala, and the Kerr Naylor (Too Many Women) Vegetarian Pasta. (Traditionally the alternative dinner selection has been referred to as "The Archie," but Archie actually enjoys Shad Roe almost as much as Mr. Wolfe does.) Entrees were served with seasonal vegetables, followed by dessert and coffee or tea.

Shad RoeThe entries in the traditional Isaac Asimov Limerick Contest were read during the dinner. with the winner receiving a bottle of wine.

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The top Three:

1. Sharon Heller and Mark Gorsetman

There was a young man from New York
Who ate all his food with a fork
When it came to shad roe
he gave it a go
but dropped it & cried what the fork

2/3 (tie) Kevin Gordon

We dine on shad roe at Albella
And the waiter seems like a nice fella
so we hope that they last
cause we close places fast
like a bad case of salmonella

2/3 (tie) Jan and Steve Schwartz

This years orders were most for shad
and we wondered if they'd all gone mad !
We knew they were wrong
but it has been so long
they's forgotten shad roe is bad

The Others

Kevin Gordon

We're supposed to write poems on shad roe
but my poetic juices won't flow
I can't think of a rhyme
but just give me time
till I finish this glass of Bordeaux

Sharon Heller

There once was a handsome young fella
who went out to eat at Albella
he ordered shad roe
but alas did not know
that he could not tolerate the smella

Mark Gorsetman

There once was a young fella
who ate at Albella
he thought ordering the shad
wouldn't be too bad
and thought what the hella

Carol Novak

Oh shad so fecund
makes Wolfe so rotund
comes spring the brownstone abounds
in so much roe it astounds

When shad says adieu
Wolfe makes due
with other creations of roe
in Fritz's satisfactory tableau


Maggie Goodman


The truth is: I don't like shad roe!
And Renee's just the best, don't you know
She can twitter Rossini
AND can wear a bikini,
Which is why this dame makes so much dough!

Jonathan Levine

There once was a young Shad named Sue,   
Whom a rabbi was attempting to screw.  
She said, “Oy vey,     
You're taking all day.     
The Messiah will come before you.” 

There once was a he trout from Chad
who had his way with a she shad
What was phenomenal
Her swelling abdominal
proved that the shad had been had

There once was a young shad named Priam
Who encouraged her boy friend to try em
To undress me of course
you'll have to use force
But Lord knows your stronger than I am

There was a restaurant Albella
whose best wine was Aldo Cella
the shad was divine
the wine not so fine
but staffed by Abbot and Coastella