A Journey to The Black Mountain

restaurant In 1954, Mr. Wolfe journeyed to Montenegro, where he dined on a variety of Montenegrin delicacies and drank the wine of the region. While we may arrange for a future trip to the "old country" and the newest European Republic, this event provided a typical Montenegrin dinner right in Manhattan. The Wolfe Pack dined on authentic Montenegrin cuisine at Bona Fides Ristorante Giardino where the chef and owner are both from Montenegro. They served a delicious traditional meal without any Albanian spies.

The Montenegrin Dinner was GREAT. Ab out thirty-five of us trekked to a newly renovated section of Manhattan called The East Village.

Some of us met for pre-dinner beers at a “beer boutique” called DBA, then we went to the restaurant on the next block.  The decor and ambiance at Bona Fides are wonderful. It is an Italian restaurant owned by Montenegrins. The owners were delighted to devise a special Montenegrin menu for our group.

The group had a most convivial evening, which included not only great food, but a tricky Black Mountain quiz. To try The Black Mountain Quiz, click here.

Our host, Dino Mandic, and his wife, Chef, Sonja Mandic, gladly helped us all learn some Montenegrin pronunciations to hear about cultural or historical references. For instance, Mr. Mandic told us that the last name Wolfe is very popular in Montenegro.  It is about as common as Smith is in the US.

Our special menu is listed below. For starters, the appetizer was antipasto-style sausage, cheese, etc. that was superlative. Both choices for the main course were excellent. Everything arrived hot and delicious.

Bona FidesVENUE
Bona Fides

60 Second Avenue, East Village


Appetizer: Mezza (similar to a cold antipasto.  Dry sausages, cheese, air cured lamb (similar to prosciutto)

Soup:  Rašyan (Soup of greens, potatoes and dry lamb

Entree: Choice of Ljcurek (Mediterranean Sea Bass) with potato and spinach or Cevapi (three types of meat ground and baked with potatoes)

Dessert: Strupla (apple strudel) with home made phylo dough

Beverage: Coffee or tea