Nadine has chosen to create the office in miniature. Below you will see a client (possibly from one of those unrecorded cases) with her checkbook ready. It is detail rich and beautiful. Take a moment to click on each thumbnail below and examine its enlargement. Some recent additions include:

  • dictionary stand
  • a tricorn "pirate" hat (it's hanging on one of the walking sticks)
  • new books -- Why the Gods Laugh on the desk and a book of poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar open on the library steps
  • a packet of photos on the desk (clues from previous cases
  • a file box of germination records on Wolfe's desk
  • some new decorative items -- another Aztec mask, a Native American style vase, two bowls lined in silver leaf, etc.

2010 Additions:

Nadine has added new furnishings as well as new representations of the characters on her Wolfe (and other) miniatures page on Flickr!

2007 Additions:

  • liquor cart assembled from various sources
  • a new, more yellow, sofa (by Janine Crocker who lives on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. If any other miniaturists are interested in custom made furniture, bedding, etc., her e-mail address is and her website is
  • the alabaster bowl on top of the safe is from Jeff Spera on eBay
Nadine Bandler: Wolfe's Office
Nadine Bandler: Wolfe's Office