Rex Stout built High Meadow, near Danbury, CT, in 1932. His granddaughter and her family, the long-time owner/occupants, graciously invited us to visit once again. The event coordinator for the festivities was steering committee member, Marilyn Schaffer.

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Twenty-two of our group were treated to a wondrous day at the home that Rex Stout built, thanks to the generosity and hospitality of the Stout family. We were fortunate to meet Rex Stout's two daughters, Rebecca and Barbara, Barbara's son, Chris, daughter and son-in-law, who still live in the beautiful home, and one of Barbara's granddaughters, who lives there as well.

Winning EntryWe picnicked on the grounds of the home, where we voted for the "Most Wolfean Lunch" and the "Most Wolfean Lunch Presentation." We had three competitors for the prizes: Maggie Goodman, Robert & Neci Novak, and Susan & Lilah Ringler. The contest was close, and Rob and Neci, son and daugher-in-law of long-time Wolfe Pack web mistress, Carol, won both prizes!

Thanks to arrangements made by Katie Pasko, we had a tent, outfitted with tables and chairs, set up on the lawn where we ate our lunch, chatted, and conducted a very clever quiz on Rex Stout and the Nero Wolfe books, prepared by Ira Matetsky. (Click the link to try the quiz yourselfe!)  Adding to this fun was the participation in the quiz by some of the Stout family.

We all took turns visiting inside of the home itself, guided by members of the Stout family, and saw the physically artistic side of Rex Stout, as we admired the desk and shelves he built for his office, and the elaborate closets he built in the master bedroom. We learned that he designed the esthetically rich house and helped to build it, pouring concrete, etc.

We also toured the grounds, with its handcrafted bird feeders, former chicken coops, swimming pool, and the gardens that Rex Stout created and tended and that his granddaughter maintains.

In all, it was a memorable, highly satisfactory day. We all left very happy indeed!

High Meadow House & Grounds photos, followed by those of the guests & Family

The House that Rex Stout Built
The House that Rex Stout Built