Once again, the Wolfe Pack celebrated the Rex Stout novel, Too Many Cooks, at the scene. And once again, the participants were treated to the finest in ambiance, hospitality, and epicurean delights.

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04/12—Drinks in the Victorian Room

04/13—Les Quinze Maitres Dinner with Sauce Printemps Tasting/Quiz

Video of Werowance SpeechView the video of the Werowance's address

04/14—Brunch featuring Saucisse Minuit, Oeufs au Cheval and corned beef hash à la Maryella Timms

04/14—Dinner at Rusterman's


The weekend was a success.  The speakers interesting and meals quite good.  I thought the rabbit on Friday was OK but not great.  However the mousse on Friday was excellent.  The sausage at Brunch was very good.  The sauce tasting was well received and the best version of the sauce we have had.

Saturday's dinner was one of the best ever.  The Peroshki Vellenko was so good I could have had 2 or 3 more.  The duck was excellent and the fig souffle was the best.  This is probably the best meal the Pack has enjoyed.  Maybe the French dinner at Bouterain was better.

The speaker on Saturday was Patrick Via the prosecuting attorney.  He was GREAT.  Claimed (and I believe him) that he really enjoyed the book and will read some more.

Thirty seven attended, including a fan from Norway who brought some Norwegian language Wolfe books.