League of frightened men movie

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Friday Book Discussion with Buffet dinner with wine & beer -- 12/03/10 6:00 p.m.

Location: Pete's Tavern (private room)—Irving Place and E. 18 St)

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of it printing, a discussion of the 2nd Wolfe Book AND a showing of the 1937 MOVIE (see movie poster image).

Black Orchid Assembly Program

Black Orchid Assembly—Saturday, 12/04/10 2:00 PM

Location: The Jolly Hotel—Madison Towers—Madison Avenue at 38th Street

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Listen to the Stout family discuss "Life with Rex Stout"

Listen to Les Blatt present a tribute to Saul Panzer

Banquet Menu & ProgramBlack Orchid Banquet—Saturday, 12/04/10 7:00 p.m.

Location: The Jolly Hotel—Madison Towers—Madison Avenue at 38th Street

Featuring a special performance by the Wolfe Pack's very own Wolferines (Maggie Goodman, Emily Mikulewicz, and Bonnie Hiller):

Sunday Brunch—12/05/10  12:00 noon

Location: Pete's Tavern (private room) (Irving Place and E. 18 St.)

  • brunch from Pete's special brunch menu
  • a showing of the film short, "Ruth Stout's Garden" & a video of the Wolfe Pack's 2003 visit to Rex Stout's home in High Meadow, NY (due to frigid weather, the tentative walking tour of Rex Stout's & Archie Goodwin's Greenwich Village was postponed)

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