Pow wowNative American Pow-Wow


4961 Broadway, Inwood, NYC

Pow-Wow at Inwood Hill Park

Inwood, NYC

A report from Jan & Steve:

We enjoyed it.  We watched the shad being planked and set out at the charcoal bed, then explored all the vendor and educational tents.  We returned to the main stage area at about 1 p.m.  The sun had emerged and there were things going on.  There were very interesting demos of early Native American skills, such as making flints into arrowheads, antler use, making bark into rope.  Also various dance groups performing.  Since this was before the Pow Wow was to begin, there were many people dressed in colorful native attire milling in the crowd.  At 2 p.m. the shad was served.  Each plate contained samples of shad prepared 3 ways - pickled, smoked, and planked (essentially roasted) shad.  Near the shad tent were a few picnic tables, where we once again met Dana (our new member) and her friend Branka, both natives of the Balkans.


Pow-wow participants Pow-wow audience Pow-wow demonstration
planked shad at Pow Wow Pow-wow participant Pow-wow