This was an acclaimed success.

  • The picnic lunch on the boulders at Strawberry Fields was wonderful.  An amazing feature of the lunch was that it was delivered from a local deli to the corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West and paid for by check with no deposit having been required!  As they say -- only in New York.
  • The quiz, concocted by The Gazette Editors, Lon Cohen and Jean Quinn, was devilishly difficult.
  • The tour guide, Pat, a volunteer from The Central Park Conservancy was a fan of the Wolfe books! She provided an informative and beautiful tour, starting on the bridle path. [Closed in 2007. Read the NY Times tribute, "Whinny if You MIss Central Park's Horses."] Our guide surmised that the building above The Band shell, once known as The Casino, was almost certainly a haunt of Archie's, as it was of Major Jimmy Walker, who often was the last one out the door of this hot spot of New York night life.
  • The only casualty occured when a turtle race siphoned off 2 errant Pack spouses. 
View from Strawerry Fields
View from Strawerry Fields