What A Deal! The Wolfe Pack's second oldest tradition – a vernal piscatorial celebration – is usually devoted to Shad Roe. After rereading DUDE, we decided that this year we should honor the noble trout. Therefore, on April 7, twenty members of The Wolfe Pack attended a Montana Trout Deal, so authentic we thought we were in Timberburg.

The fun and frivolity occurred at Verderame Restaurant, 883 First Avenue (49-50st Streets). The menu: Continental Diner Split Pea Soup; The Real Montana Trout Deal with seasonal vegetable and rice. Tiramisu for dessert with a glass of dessert wine, and coffee and homemade biscotti.

The soup was worthy of the Chef at the Continental Diner and the trout was moist and tasty. Mimi could not have done better.

During the evening, the Second Annual Isaac Asimov Limerick Contest took place. The switch from shad to trout presents the punster in the Pack with a new topic for their creative – as well as gastronomic – juices.


1. Tenby Storm

Mr. Brenner can sometimes seem strange
When he won't let his recipes change
But we all must admit
That his meals are a hit
That's because he's at home on the range

2. Marvin Kaye

Concerning Montana I'm mute
No pun comes to mind bad or cute
But Wolfe to be witty
Said, "one major city"
From all that I've heard, is a Butte

3. Maggie Goodman

For years I've waiting to savor
The Montana Trout Deal's "real" flavor
Brown sugar sounds weird
Not at all like James Beard
Which just proves that the Wolfe Pack is braver

Honorable Mentions

Saralee Kaye

I promised I would not use "Stout"
To rhyme with the fish we call trout
So sue me–I lied
Believe me, I tried
But Rex I cannot do without

Jan and Steve Schwartz

Said Archie to Wolfe, "She's seditious
Her behavior is quite surreptitious
I saw her go out
To deal with some trout
With a group that looked mighty suspicious