Theatrical Production of

Wolfe Pack Trip to
Opening Night —June 23, 2017

Park Square Theatre, St. Paul, MN
(Check back for Trip Details)

Two years ago, The Wolfe Pack travelled to Saint Paul, Minnesota for opening night of the first legitimate play adaptation of one of the Nero Wolfe novels, The Red Box, adapted by Joseph Goodrich with permission of the Estate of Rex Stout.  In addition to attending opening night, Wolfe Pack members were invited to a post-opening cocktail reception as well as a brunch with the playwright and some cast members the next day.  This trip was rated as Very Satisfactory by all concerned.  For photographs and play reviews, see the scrapbook pages.

From June 16 through July 30, 2017, the Park Square Theater in Saint Paul will be hosting another play adaptation by Joseph Goodrich of a Nero Wolfe novel, Might As Well Be Dead.  Once again members of the Wolfe Pack will be present to enjoy the official opening night of the play on June 23 and related special events.  Details of the Wolfe Pack trip will be posted on this site.


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Nero Wolfe Does Not Belong in RussiaNewly Released Book About
the Nero Wolfe Corpus

Rex Stout Does Not Belong in Russia: Exporting the Detective Novel
By Molly Jane Levine Zuckerman

Read the description or order it on Amazon using this link

The Last Drive And Other Stories

by Rex Stout
Edited by Ira Brad Matetsky

A collection of Rex Stout stories never before available in book form

The Last Drive & Other StoriesPublished nearly a century ago, “The Last Drive,” the story that inspired Fer-de-lance, the first Nero Wolfe novel, is clever, charming, and absolutely baffling. In short, it is vintage Rex Stout. Never before published in book form, it and the other stories in this volume represent the early efforts of a modern genius.

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An Interview with Robert Goldsborough

Conducted by noted author and The Wolfe Pack's Black Orchid Novella Award Chair, Jane K. Cleland

Click here to read the interview at CriminalElement.com

Wolfe Series Reviews by John Ostrander
(noted Comic author)

Nero Wolfe Revisited (November 22, 2015)
Nasty Surprises (May 1, 2016)

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The Wolfe Pack Visits Shangri-La
Himalyan Dinner
Saturday, October 8, 2016

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2016
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Phayul Restaurant
Location: 89-17 Northern Blvd., Jackson Heights
Cost: $30.00

The Wolfe Pack hosts a variety of events connected to the world of Nero Wolfe, Archie Goodwin, and Rex Stout. The cuisine we will enjoy at dinner on Saturday, October 8 – at a Himalayan restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens – may not be as closely linked to the Corpus as some others we have shared, but we expect that it will be equally delicious and pleasing. In 1933, just as Rex Stout was writing the first Nero Wolfe book, Fer-de-Lance, James Hilton's novel Lost Horizon was a huge success. It is our contention that Mr. Wolfe, Saul Panzer, and Lily Rowan would have read this story of a utopian society set in the Himalayas. While Archie might not have read the novel, he would have seen the successful 1937 movie version (starring Ronald Coleman and directed by Frank Capra).

In any event, our Werowance emeritus, Jonathan Levine, and his wife Marge Baxter Levine discovered this excellent establishment and have arranged for us to enjoy a group dinner. We will be having a set meal served family style. Although this cuisine is normally enjoyed spicy, we have arranged for the dishes to be served mild, with hot sauces available for those who wish them.

Click here for further details, including the menu and registration form.

Black Orchid Weekend
December 2, 3, 4, 2016

Registration Form

Friday evening, December 2, 6:30 P.M.  Black Orchid Book Discussion
Discussion of Too Many Cooks, with buffet dinner accompanied by sauccisse minuit prepared for The Wolfe Pack by a New York sausage company from the recipe in The Nero Wolfe Cookbook
Location: Honors Bridge Club, 133 E. 58 Street (12th floor) (just West of Lexington Avenue) (handicapped accessible)

Saturday afternoon, December 3, 2:00 P.M.  Black Orchid Assembly
Featuring presentations relating to the world of Nero Wolfe and Rex Stout, and a swap 'n’ shop at the coffee break [bring any Wolfe-related materials you would like to sell] followed by cocktails (cash bar) and appetizers until the Banquet.
Location: Arno Ristorante, 141 West 38 Street, NY, NY (just East of 7th Avenue)

Saturday evening, December 3, 6:30 P.M.  Thirty-Ninth Annual Black Orchid Banquet
Featuring full dinner of dishes inspired by the Nero Wolfe Corpus, including sauccisse minuit served family style with salad Corodona, toasts, a quiz, the traditional song parodies, presentations of the Nero and Black Orchid Novella Awards, and keynote speech by Michael Bourne, celebrated New York radio host, writer, and interviewer of Rex Stout.
Location: Arno Ristorante, 141 West 38 Street, NY, NY (just East of 7th Avenue)

Sunday, December 4: Brunch, 11:30 a.m.
A la carte brunch at historic Pete's Tavern
Location: , East 18th Street & Irving Place (just south of Gramercy Park)

Site Updates:

Rare Manuscript of Black Orchids Discovered

Weymouth Public Library discovers and lends manuscript to Stout Archives at Boston College

The Quincy Patriot Ledger reports that "Weymouth's piece of whodunit history gets a new home."